Wide Ring Poetry is a virtual space dedicated to sharing my own thoughts and works of poetry. Chances are that you may have never read a poem in your life, but if you happen to open a volume to any page, you will suddenly find yourself transported into another world. A world packed with wonderment, beauty, sensation, elation, fear and deep sorrow.

Poetry at its best summonses our very core to live by its persuasions; it provokes us to break from our shackles of secure master plans of a prudent mind; it beckons to us, like the call of the wild, from open veld. It is a captivating art, and always has been – the sculpting of language designed to open our eyes, open our minds, open our hearts and usher us into a magical world, one of endless possibilities that may elude us if we don’t dare to dream.

Does this make poetry dangerous? Could it be that we may never be the same again after a poem has touched us? It might just happen to speak directly to our own lives. I know that when a great poem compels me to confront my own life, I feel a sense of arrival, of grace, of peace made clear somehow in what I felt was true but was not able to expound on what it meant to me. Anything that can do this is surely necessary for the fullness of life.

Poet, means ‘maker’ – a poet’s action is of molding language into shape. This shape, a poem, lulls and sways, rises and falls taking our emotions along with it.  Poetry reaches out to us with its energy, its mood, its vibration, that which the poet has conjured with words and images. The more subtle and refined that energy is, the more it can raise us to the best that we can be.

Come with me…

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